Paintings (2020)

I have enjoyed painting abstracts from when I was a teenager, but I only got back to the passion a few months back.

For me painting is not a part of my professional creative practice but it is personal process that I enjoy. As a compositional activity, an activity that allows me to broadly reflect on things and doing painting is better than doing nothing 🙂 In the months of the lockdown, it was a relief to do something, be it anything.

Jokes aside, painting is not better than doing nothing; it is doing nothing. At least the way that I practice the activity. I work with my instincts — refusing to plan and refusing to strategise. Making it an activity that has something to do purely with the application of colour, composing and shaping form. Many years back I had exhibited my paintings at Lalit Kala Akademi in Ahmedabad and I had called the exhibition, “Photographs of the mind.” I somehow still relate to the term and to the idea.

Here are some recent paintings:

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