Mentorship programme

(individual one-to-one sessions)
Friendly, Accessible + Approachable!

For creative practitioners in India and beyond, an individual mentorship programme (online).

Individual Mentorship Package

For practitioners of all shades
6000 8 sessions
  • 45 minute sessions
  • 2 sessions / week
  • Focus on writing about your work, crafting + producing your work and presenting your work better
Goals are known directions

What is holding you back?

A pragmatic mentorship programme to help clear the path to greater creative fulfilment by sharing insights, exercises and understandings. For all media and forms.

“…The goal of any mentorship process should be to walk the mentee towards a point where they can distance themselves from the act of creation enough to be objectively passionate about it…”

What is Mentorship

Mentoring consists of the following:

  1. Advise — give suggestions about choices, options and actions.
  2. Train — impart knowledge to perform specific processes and tasks.
  3. Challenge — push the mentee towards their next developmental stage.
  4. Question — ask the mentee to articulate and contextualise their choices.
  5. Nurture — identify the mentee’s strengths and encourage them to do more.
  6. Listen — patiently receive all the stories and updates about the mentee’s journey.
  7. Teach & Learn — mentoring is a two way process. Both teaching & learning take place.
  8. Seek — mentees as well as mentors are individuals who are seeking things.
  9. Inform — mentors keep mentees informed about professional formats & standards.
  10. Correct — mentors correct the communication, projection and planning details of mentees.
Creative process

Content of mentoring conversations:

  1. Embracing Spontaneity and Chaos — reconciling structure and a lack of it
  2. Working with Your Instincts — observing one’s natural tendencies
  3. Literature Review — trends, thematics of interest & key concepts
  4. Narrating a Story about Yourself — situating yourself in the landscape
  5. Finding Anchor Points — punctuating your life with material
  6. Balancing Contradictions — bringing dynamism and stillness together
  7. Remaining in the Groove — learning to be persistent
  8. Journeys vs Trips — reaching where your process takes you and not just where you want to go
  9. Fighting Inertia — resisting getting overwhelmed into inaction and brooding
  10. Developing Conviction — having a basic belief in one’s capacities and motivations
  11. Tilling the Field of Practice — consistently producing and experimenting so that when inspiration strikes you’re ready
  12. Examining the Factors that Hold You Back — reflecting and introspecting about any hesitation that emerges
Idea generation methods and processes - what they involve and what they yeild?

Register for a free sample mentorship session before you commit

To get an understanding of how mentorship can work for you, register for a free 45 minute mentorship session.
Free Sample Session

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Kinds of creative thinking required in the art & design context
~ Facilitator: Prayas Abhinav ~
Portrait of Prayas Abhinav

Prayas Abhinav is an artist, teacher and entrepreneur. He has been professionally active for the last 10+ years. At present, he is working on a startup called Nonserious Games that has interests in game design. He has worked in the last few years on numerous pieces of speculative fiction, software, games, interactive installations, public interventions and curatorial projects (see practice). He has written extensively on poetic thought as a form of lingual communication (see interest in poetic thought). He contributed to research and projects at northeastwestsouth (n.e.w.s) (Amsterdam, NL). He has conducted workshops at Centre for Environmental Planning Technology (CEPT) (Ahmedabad), Dutch Art Institute (Arnhem, NL), MICA (Ahmedabad) and National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad & Bangalore). In the past, he led the Centre for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA) at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore (see teaching). He is the initiator and the Director of the Museum of Vestigial Desire.

He has developed his research and practice with the support of fellowships by Sarai/CSDS, Openspace Pune, the Center for Experimental Media Arts (CEMA), TED and Lucid (see research). He has been in residencies at Khoj (India), Coded Cultures (Austria) and dis-locate (Japan). He has shared his work at festivals including Transmediale, 48c, Futuresonic, ISEA and Wintercamp.

He lives with his family (wife, son and dogs) in Ahmedabad (India).

My CV.

~ taught at ~
NID, MICA, DAI, Indus University, CEPT, Srishti
~ featured in ~
Rock Paper Shotgun. TED, Hindu Business Line, Business Mirror, AD, Open, The Mint Lounge, Verve
~ the co-organiser of ~
~ commissioned art installation by ~
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