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Views of some collaborators, readers and students

I worked with Prayas at Khoj when creating the first playable section from our sprawling narrative project, called Somewhere. And then later at SIDE in Jaipur, where we collaborated on a short experimental game called Menagerie.

It is in dialogues with him, and in subsequent interactions that I was able to create a framework for a form of literary reading of game processes, which has become a central thesis of our subsequent work.

Prayas' writings (especially from the Museum of Vestigial Desire) continue to remain a lasting inspiration, and I find his texts a perspicacious revision of ideas about Memory, Computation, Language and History.
Dhruv Jani
Game Designer, Oleomingus
Closure been quite significant to me, especially over this past month.

It's been something I find myself going back to over and over again.

It's really beautiful.
Rishika Anchalia
Internet Reader
Prayas mentored us during interactive art project at NID. discussions with Prayas were challenging my monotonous patterns of thinking which resulted in developing multiple and more interesting ways to see, think and articulate.

Discussing ideas with Prayas has always been interesting for me as he presents a very unique world developed through his own body of work.
Bhargav Padhiyar
M.Des. (New Media Design) Student, at National Institute of Design, India
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