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introspective.in is an attempt to create a platform to discuss creative process. To create one needs to have sufficient self-knowledge (to be able to heed…


boundless.exchange is a project that is attempting to re-wire the circuits involved in the circulation of goodwill. When something is shared, it can touch a…
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Screenshot from "Somewhere," a game developed by Studio Oleomingus

Of Games I & II (2013-14)

[Curation] A series of pioneering game making residencies curated for Khoj, Delhi. The residencies successfully introduced gaming to India's art & design fields.
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The Scource issue of Un-publish published by Banner Repeater (London)

“Source” published as part of the UNPUBLISH series by Banner Repeater, London (2013)

[Publishing] The source is important because everything came from there and everything goes back there. What is the source? Who can access it?
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"Play Book: Rendering Art in a Configurable Environment," a monograph on games made by Thukral & Tagra

“play_book: rendering art in a configurable environment” a commentary on Thukral & Tagra’s game projects (2018)

[Publishing] Submitted for publication. The book applies the vocabulary and framework of looking at digital games to Thukral & Tagra's game installation projects.
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Book cover of "Artists Rethinking the Blockchain" published by Torquetorque (UK)

“All That Happened”, a book chapter for Artists Re-imagining the Blockchain (2017)

[Publishing] A story written with the collective, Surfatial. It narrates the possible experiences that the use of blockchain for content publishing and distribution can open up for us. View PDF.
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Logo of Museum of Vestigial Desire

Museum of Vestigial Desire (2012-17)

[Publishing] An archive of critical texts I wrote across five years. "The function of a museum is to create a fixed content pool with a uniform type of content".
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Logo of the Serendipity Arts Foundation

“Public Loom,” an essay commissioned by the Serendipity Arts Festival (2018)

[Publishing] A study on activist music which accompanied the "People's Music" exhibition curated by Sumangala Damodaran.
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The Shadow Search Open Call, organised by northeastwestsouth.net

Participation in Shadow Search Project (2009)

[Curation] Contribution to a collaborative project that explored the use of "natural-language search algorithms that are able to find people and activities that embody the self-understanding of the kind of art we are seeking without specifically using the word art or a related vocabulary."
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Logo of the TED Fellowship programme

Ted India Fellowship (2009)

[Fellowship] In recognition of my work in public urban spaces
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Logo of Openspace Pune

“Mobile Cultural Spaces”, fellowship, OpenSpace Pune (2009)

[Fellowship] Support to do a mobile cultural space project in Bangalore.
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A photograph of empty advertising hoardings in Ahmedabad

“Publicity, Promises & the Public Space in Ahmedabad”, independent fellowship @ Sarai/CSDS (2005)

[Fellowship] A project exploring the links between advertising, seduction and the public space.
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