is an attempt to create a platform to discuss creative process. To create one needs to have sufficient self-knowledge (to be able to heed to one’s creative instincts), skills (know-how of the methods of realising) and a strong desire to make a new world to live in. Courses at focus on strengthening different aspects of this process. When you feel you need support, or stimulation, reach out to us. If we do not have a course available for you, please request one here and we will design one.

What is a course? How do we know anything? Where do we derive any confidence to represent any idea and its potential? Practice. And constant failure. uncovers the layers of learning in the creative arts.

There are many learning gaps in this area of practice. One evidence of this the lack of sheer drive a lot of practitioners feel. Some practitioners feel insurmountable difficulty in trying to cope with the realities of the field. Those who go through formal education feel a vast difference in the environment of the campus and that of the world outside. This difference does not let practitioners feel well-prepared to take on the world, And this leads to maladjustment and disillusionment.

These stories have emerged in conversations with peers and younger practitioners. We need to dig further and deeper in our effort to join the dots and make meaning. We do not have a hold of all the threads of the story at this point.

Introspection is the key idea we want to work with. To clarify it and wean out all the meanings the word can possibly have. Doing this will not only enrich us but also our community.

Many of us, do not clearly belong to any one field and this being-at-the-crossroads renders an extra layer of context to our being. It is surely a descriptor without which any narrative that claims to tell our story is not complete.

Teaching is the most concrete way to learn. And that we can state as our credo. That is a singular philosophy that binds all the individuals together at Defines the motivation that all of us have to facilitate experiences for others. What does teaching mean? To unpack and unravel a subject deeply enough. When we unpack and unravel a subject deeply, meanings and inter-connections (with beliefs and knowledge gained before) emerge. This is a kind of digestion, assimilation and soaking that involves all the layers of our being — our body and mind.

Ideas emerge, but getting the feeling that a subject can be facilitated and indeed that it needs to be facilitated for others (that it will lead others to discover meaning just as it did for us) is a special feeling. The throbbing excitement that makes a body of knowledge feel like it is connected to our journey — of learning and unraveling — is truly special.

After all what we all really want? We want to feel that we are moving forward one step (however small) at a time. And that is what we hope for every individual who travel with us for some time.

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